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I wish Google would quit changing home page


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I've used the Google home page for years now as my home page. It rarely changed except for the Logo which was okay.

Recently though this year they just will not stop changing things. They keep altering stuff and making it more into some type of portal page instead of the great plain Jane search page it has been for years. I'm going to be forced to change my home page if they don't stop.

Had to use AdBlocker tonight to block their new "background images" they've added without asking me if I wanted one.

So it looks a little drab with the background image removed and the colors not setup for that, but it worked to remove the image.


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I like having Google as a homepage as it often changes to show important dates like it did on March 14 for

Albert Einstein's Birthday.


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  • Root Admin

Yes, I don't mind the Logo change but its the new features and automated script changes and settings changes they keep making that are annoying.

Normally the logo change has no affect but even the recent one with PacMan upset a lot of people because it had sound tied to it as well.

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I agree, it is totally annoying Ron.

I've mostly switched to Scroogle but I do use Google at least a once or twice a week still.


I only get the Chrome prompt if I use IE, at least that I've noticed.

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Holography and Dennis Gabor Featured on Google Doodle

We were expecting a Google Doodle of Super Mario last June 1 and maybe that will be for next year. As for today

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