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The ultimate in infection protection

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This should actually work since rubber is an insulator, thus, as long as the condom is not ruptured when the cable is inserted into the port, it should block any data from being transferred, thus preventing any infection :P. Of course, that also means no internet.

Kudos for you :) . Unplugging the network cable: preventing infections since 1983.

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There are probably millions of users today who have no idea what a floppy is.

I bet there are lots of ladies that do but they view it differently.


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:P:) hehehe


I have to say I agree w/ what you said about how there are probably many many people who don't know what a floppy is. I bet 10-15 years from now anyone under 30 most likely won't know what they are.

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Floppies old? :)

Cripes, you kids don't know how good you have it. I entered data on my first computer by flipping a combination of 8 switches up and down.

It got much nicer when we were able to use punch cards.

When we got to where we could use a keyboard and save our "programs" to cassette TAPES we thought we were in heaven!

"Computer Security" consisted of the Model 1911, .45 cal on my hip. (OK, you can start with the "old" jokes now- :) )

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