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question on Computer > "Advanced System Settings" option

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In the top section "Adjust for best performance of" on a Vista system (this would also apply to XP) has anybody noticed any difference in performance in any way between having either of the two radio buttons Programs and Background services enabled?

I think some variability is bound to exist owing to different systems' configurations but even so I can't really see any noticeable difference. Does the term "services" as used there mean only Microsoft services (or OS services, more correctly) or does it include all and sundry services initiated by other programs that start all sorts of "necessary" services? My thinking is that it is all-inclusive as most non-OS services can presumably be stopped or at least disabled individually just as most OS ones can.

On Vista Business ed. 32-bit.

Edit: got that wrong in the topic title. I can't change that. It should be right-click on "Computer" icon; and then...>"Advanced System Settings and so on. [Why can't we edit our own topic titles...to correct spelling errors or to rephrase etc..?]

Also those radio buttons are found under Settings in the top section (Performance) and then under the middle tab. Didn't make that clear either in the topic title.

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Honestly, I've never played with it but I guess it also depends on your system's resources (ie CPU, number of processing cores and amount of RAM and virtual memory).

The default is certainly the way it should be though, I can see no reason to have it set so that background tasks take priority over running programs.

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...mm, you make sense, Exile, as always. Nevertheless I'm up for a little twiddling with the system. (No! Not the registry! I'm not going there-not this morning anyway). We'll see what difference it makes.

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I've had an evening and half a morning of using the lappy with background services prioritized over programs and I cannot see any difference in performance worth writing home about. I don't play 3d games (although I am an active Second Life member, if that counts as that sort of game) and this machine does have 4GB of ram so I'm not exactly short of memory.

I've switched it back to prioritize programs over services and will lay this experiment to rest... :)

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Yeah, with a beefy system like that it's unlikely you'd really notice the difference. If you had something older, like a P4\Athlon based system from 4 or 5 years back and only 512-1GB of ram it might be noticeable, especially if Windows is actively doing background tasks, such as boot time defrag, indexing etc.

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