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New user, comment and question

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Hi, I am new here, but just wanted to first say thanks to the folks behind this software - you fixed my problem where other programs did not :)

I had this problem: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=49527

Except I swear the name was Superspyware soft. Otherwise the windows and popups were identical.

The one question I had, with respect to the instructions, was why not download and run the scanner in safe mode? I ended up booting into safe mode w/ networking, downloaded the program, ran the updates, then pulled the plug on the internet and scanned everything, twice. I did have to go back into IE and unclick the proxy settings, but otherwise everything seems fine.

Can anyone here tell me why this might not have been a good way to do it?

I much appreciate the feedback; it is very helpful.

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Hi, and welcome -

The program is not designed to 'run' in Safe mode - The only time that you would run Malwarebytes in safe mode is if an expert wanted to create a log -

Most of the infected files will not be accessable/opened if you only scan in safe mode -

There is no problem with downloading, etc while in safe mode with networking but you must then restart in normal mode for removal scans -

Thank You - :)

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Thank you for the reply. I am not sure if I could have got it to run in normal mode - this infection crippled lots of services. I could not launch the processes window, could not run a command window, could not open anything without messages telling me that particular exe file was infected. I found the official instructions after the fact, so I will never know for sure, but if it happens again, that is what I will do first.

It did, however, find 13 objects/files/registry entries, and isolated them for deletion. A second scan found nothing and now I am running it in normal mode to see if it finds any remaining problems. Further reading has enlightened me as to why it shouldn't be run in safe mode.

I feel that I got a bit lucky here, but again, this software did what others could not. This is one where I will buy the full version without question.

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