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ParetoLogic Privacy Controls


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Has anyone ever heard of the company ParetoLogic..?

I know many of you have said that their products, Regcure

and their idea of Anti-Spyware are a joke.

What about their product called Privacy Controls ?

It is a product that scans your registry and cleans up

the spam of saved pics,folders and applications you thought

were deleted before you purchased Privacy Controls.

if anyone knows if this is rogue or false software, please

let me know. Thx, Den

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Guest remixed

I don't think you'll find many friends of Paretologic products on this forum. In my view they've always hovered in the grey area between 'Rogue' and 'Legit', sometimes both at the same time. Privacy Controls isn't in my view, 'Rogue' but it dosn't do anything that numerous free Registry Cleaners do just as well (or badly) it's just marketed differently and typical for Paretologic very aggressively. If they're claiming that they can make old deleted files unrecoverable..don't believe it. Try this...'CleanUp'.... http://www.stevengould.org/index.php?optio...9&Itemid=72 its better and it's FREE. If you want an effective Shredder try Jetico's BC Wipe 3.

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