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How long are older versions supported?

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As of right now, as far as I know, they are supported until the new version comes out.

For example, 1.46 (current version) is supported until 1.47 is released.

If this is incorrect I am sure someone will be along to correct me :welcome:

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  • Root Admin

You may need to manually install the update to 1.46 Ibrad. There was an issue with the program updater. The rules update should be valid until we get to some point where the rules can no longer support that engine. For now you can remain on 1.45 if you like, otherwise you may wish to manually download the 1.46 installer and install it.

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  • Root Admin

No, starting with v1.45 we now support rules updates without program updates.

I would still recommend updating to 1.46 manually if needed since it did fix some critical items that were in 1.45


1. Improved database loading speed by approximately 15%.

2. Drastically improved performance of Website Blocking on Windows Vista and 7.

3. Fixed various scheduler compatibility issues on Windows 2000.

4. Fixed issue with quotations around paths passed to /logtofile and /logtofolder.

5. Fixed issue with detecting certain leftover traces of an infection.

6. Fixed issue with freeze when adding a shared printer on the network.

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Thanks for the clarification, Ron, I wasn't sure if the change had been made yet to support older versions with current database updates, but now I know!

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