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5/26/2010 database optimization

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Hi Malwarebytes Staff,

I'm still new in this forum (although i've been using this anti malwarebytes.org for more than a year.) Discovered from one of the blogs , recommended by a lady saying that she found that this software is more sincere. Ever since been using the free copy for trial, i 've compared with other well known brand....I found that Malwarebytes antimalawre.org have done a terrific job. Now I'm almost secure I even forget about other brands. Just leave my PC or laptop overnight and let it scan the whole night. (other brands always insist us to buy to the extent its very irritating)

Until recently (I'm now studying) the real test come when I tried to copy my lectures notes from my lecturer and colleges pc to my usb or external disk, I've been getting a lot of "scream" from kapersky, lavatoft adware and few other known brand. It's embarrassing. It seems as though that i'm bringing a lot of virus to their laptop. So upon recommendation I try downloading lavasoft (free trial) and have scan my files. But still when i'm tried to copy or paste our group assignment. virus is detected.

So can you assured me that I'm not the culprit but their antivirus is the one.

It's so hard to find real genuine company who puts sincerity and integrity above all.

Lots of other brand just think about making money only (such as putting back viruses to the system and claiming that it has eradicate all virus.) but not thinking of giving real genuine and sincere service to the cyber community.

So hope youre's not .

P.S: I've been to your fb and notice a lot of fake antivirus. Thanks. I do have the attention of getting the purchase copy of your brand.


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