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I also found MsMpeng.exe ate RAM above 67000K

The MsMpeng.exe process is used by the Microsoft Windows Defender to perform spyware scanning procedures. When Windows Live OneCare is installed in your computer, the msmpeng.exe file is also automatically saved in your computer.

They are related as described above - If you delete Defender then you can delete MsMpeng.exe -

Thank You -

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You should uninstall Windows Defender. If both Windows Defender and MBAM are running and both simultaneously detect a piece of malware, neither will be able to delete it because it will be locked by the other's scanning/detection process. This can cause your system to hang as each one eats up cpu cycles trying to deal with the malware. It's kind of like 2 dogs fighting over the same bone.

While it is true that if you have one try to remove it while the other is still blocking it it may cause a freeze or conflict, if you have one ignore it and let the other remove it there is no issue. I know because I've done it several times myself. You just have to know to let one ignore it and the other remove it, although detection is not the reason I kept Windows Defender around anyway, I turned on some of the advanced features to have it block startups, services and driver installations (somewhat similar to Spybot Search & Destroy's TeaTimer or WinPatrol).

do I bother registry of WD left over ?
No need, any reg entries it leaves behind will be harmless and should not cause any issues.
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