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about MBAMService.exe

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Hi abuaufa -

There are many variables in this equation - Win 7 seems to use more than XP , but not on every computer -

Your Antivirus (how active it is) and your Firewall (whether matching your A/V or another product) -

The general condition of the system you are running (cared for/maintained) - If you delete browsing history (CCleaner or ATF cleaner) - Regular defrag ---- Etc ,etc , -

Someone may give you Some specifics, but if you read the forum you will find some complaints about very high use and others compare it to their own lower usage on similar Operating systems - :)

Most find no problem relating to browser speeds , even if they use F/fox or I.E. or Opera or Chrome -

Sorry not to be more helpful - :)

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Hi -

This "could" be normal for some XP units - I never have problems so I never bother to check -

Again I do not ever bother with specifics but I will call a few to see what theirs are -

Regards -

EDIT - There are not many people here at this time , but I will get back later -

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  • Root Admin

Different systems will have a little different results but here are mine on XP Pro w/SP3

Image Name				   PID Session Name	 Session#	Mem Usage
========================= ====== ================ ======== ============
mbamgui.exe 1632 Console 0 2,412 K
mbamservice.exe 1336 Console 0 55,728 K

CPU usage is pretty much 0% unless I'm actively scanning or blocking something.

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