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'AntiMalware Service Executable stopped working....

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...and was closed' is a very bizarre message which I've just received.

The message goes on to say 'A problem caused the application to stop working properly. Windows will notify you if a solution is available.

What does this message mean, and how can I correct this issue?


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Sounds like you running either Vista or Windows 7

Please try to relaunch the program again and enable the Protection Module. How long have you had MBAM installed?

Have you setup file and folder exclusions for your Anti-Virus?

Do you have any signs that might make you think your system is infected?

What is the OS and what AV are you running?

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I have Windows Vista; I haven't decided whether to upgrade to Windows 7 yet.

I installed MBAM on 4-17-10, and I also have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, and I run full scans of both of them once a week.

I have no idea how to 'relaunch the program and enable the Protection Module'; can you please explain what that means?

I also have no idea how or what 'setting up file and folder exclusions for the Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus' means; can you please explain how to do so?

My computer MIGHT be infected, but the 'quick scans' which I run of both MBAM & MSE have never found anything.

On the advice of a friend of mine who oversees computer security in an office of 30+ employees, he also recommended that I install two more freebies ('Spybot Search & Destroy' and 'Spyware Blaster'), but I welcome your opinion on whether having those two plus MBAM & MSE is a good idea, or constitutes overkill?


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Hi Marv1988,

Adding file/folder exclusions helps avoid problems with anti-viruses and other security software. MSE has had conflicts on xp with mbam, but does happen on vista and above. Check out this guide on how to fix this.

For relaunching the service, type Services in the start menu search box. You should see something that says Microsoft Anti-malware or something similar. Open the Service and try the following:

If the stop button is available click it and click apply. After click start to relaunch the program and apply.

If it's not available click the drop-down box and select disabled and click apply. After set the drop-down box to automatic, select apply and then start and apply.

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Windows 7 64bit is great. I have had it installed since it became available last October.

I do not use Microsoft Security Essentials however I do keep Windows Defender updated to its latest definitions through its portal and have it run a Quick Scan daily at 9:00am


I have not needed 'Spybot Search & Destroy' since I purchased MBAM Full for my systems.

I do keep 'Spyware Blaster' updated though.

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Buttons---Whenever I type 'services' into the search box you cited after clicking on the Microsoft logo, I get directed to the HP website (Easy Internet Services) which is a shopping for checking which ISP services are available in my area!!!

Am I doing something wrong, or does this bizarre routing by my computer enhance the chances that my computer is infected with a malware virus which neither MSE nor MBAM can find?

Installing MSE automatically disables Windows Defender as you probably know, and I was wondering if I should consider opting for a paid protection service from somebody?

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