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Command Line Parameters for ver 1.46

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Its a very poorly drafted help file to say the least!

If the command line parameters weren't meant for Free version why not have line saying that??

the only thing that Malwarebytes' command line function didn't have earlier was the autoupdating which didn't work to best of my recollection , now that works but it won't go any beyond to scan and terminate, I don't expect 'remove' to work when a freeware version can't even afford its loyal customers a basic update, scan and terminate! truly pathetic!!

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Greetings and welcome :blink:

The following information is taken directly from the help file, available via Start>All Programs>Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware:


-silent parameter requires product registration.

-flash: initiates a flash scan, memory and heuristics only (requires registration).
-silent: hides the GUI while scanning (does not need to be used with -terminate). Requires product registration.

-reboot: reboots the computer if necessary, only valid if -silent is used. Requires product registration.

-remove: automatically removes threats and saves a log file. Unless -silent is specified, GUI stays open. Requires product registration.

-flash, -silent, -reboot, and -remove parameters require product registration.
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  • Root Admin

No it will not scan and remove by script in the free version as it did before. We have simply corrected an oversight that more and more users were taking advantage of.

That type of automation now requires that you purchase the program. You can still run an update manually and scan and repair manually for free as you've always been able to. The scripting methods are normally used by business and not home users. If you want or need that type of scripting automation then you'll need to purchase and license it.

Thank you.

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