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Registry has changed ???

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I don't know what cause of it, CCleaner or TuneUp Utilities :D

Last time, I run registry cleaner of CCleaner without backup first and problem begins..

currently, Chrome is my default browser. I wanna change default to another browsers such IE,FF or Opera but didn't work.

brower icon of default in Start menu still show Chrome.

any help please ?

thank you

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Hi abuaufa,

Well do you have any idea of what you did?

Can you do a system restore for right before you made the changes?

Edit: Also, usually, you can open up the browser and go into the options area of it and choose "use as my default browser" or something similar (I have all of those browsers except Chrome) so I can help you find where this might be if you'd like.

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thank for quick reply.

yesterday, I run registry cleaner by CCleaner and Tuneup also run scheduled automatic maintenance.

I also tried sys restore but failed.

I already set all of my browsers to ask "currently...is not set as default, would you like" at start up. First, I tried set Opera as default then look into start menu..it still show Chrome as default.

same result with IE & FF.

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You're welcome!

Ohh rats. But did you set the browsers as default by going into options via each browser (and NOT setting it at default only when asked by the pop-up prompt?)

Hmm, do you have any recent restore points that will work?

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(and NOT setting it at default only when asked by the pop-up prompt?)

Sorry, I mean when asked by pop-up :D ..set as default then look into start menu and default browser icon didn't show up.

EDIT: I conclude my problems are ;

1. can't reset IE as default browser (currently, chrome is default)

2. IE desktop icon is missing ?

3. default browser icon in start menu panel still show chrome although I've changed it to FF or Opera.

it makes me crazy :D

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I wasn't trying to blame CCleaner or TU but there's must be something in registry.

Before, every time I type an URL ( ex www.google.com) in Start>Run, it lead me to default browser as stated at top of Start Menu. In other word, http handler (in Start > Run ) = Open default browser.

Now, it has changed.

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