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Fastest thing in the world

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4 guys in a bar, 1 asks "what do u think is the fastest thing in the world?"

2 answers "Thoughts, why? Cause i have about 5000 a day,i don't see em comin, they're just there."

3 answers "Blinking,why? Cause i do it about 7000 times a day and i don't even see em. They just happen."

4 answers "Electricity,why? Cause when i turn on the lights it's instantaneous."

1 answers " I think it's diarrhea."

2,3 and 4 all scream out "Diarrhea??!!How do u figure that???"

1 answers " Well, last night, when it hit me,I didn't have time to think,blink or turn on the lights and it was there."

B) :):D:D

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