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Windows vista reinstall risks?


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I have quite many viruses/malware/trojans on my computer and the only way to fix it seems to be reinstall.

What are the risks?And back ups can't help me can they,when i delete all the partititions and something goes wrong?(The only reason to back up is to save personal stuff like pics,music,etc.right?)

I mean when i delete every file,i delete the OS?(Vista)So...How can i...I mean,when a computer arrieves from a factory it neccesarryly doesn't have a operating system installed,does it?So it can be started from a disk...But if,for some reasons,all files can't be installed?Can i cause any damage to the hard drive?The point is i've never done a reinstall and i'm scared as hell,hahah :):D ...Yeah.

As i said before i have planty of viruses and...Can they somehow...not let me reformat?

I know how it's done,i've read quite much toturials/guides/watched videos...

And...About drivers...I know they are used to...Umm...Needed for...Monitor,printers...Yes?Could someone explain me...Lol :)

How can i get em?Where?I have found some NVIDIA drivers...What else i need?What for? :)

That's the most hard part,too.

Can't i get everything by using Windows update?

And on the Vista installation disk it says SP 1...I should be able to get SP 2 from Windows update too?

Oh...The problems i have had...

The worst one i think was that i couldn't wake my computer by either moving my mouse/pressing random key on the keyboard...Couldn't restart/turn off the power...Had to take the...

And than,for couple of times i have had problems with turning the computer from start than turn off...Had to log off,than it lagged...For the first time i just waited...For long...It turned off.

Starting up still pretty fast i'd say,55 secs...lol...Yeah,i know...I just wanted to see if it has been slowing down..Some times its been slower to..ah what the heck...

Please don't say it's a wrong topic...Please?Please pleas please?Is it?! :)

And i know i have no problems...Yet.Just a...Few... :) ...questions and a very long post...Sorry guys...! :)


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Hi Rasmus -

If it were me , I would submit the system to the experts - They may be able to fully salvage it for you -

Please print out, read and follow the directions here, skipping any steps you are unable to complete. Then post a NEW topic here.

One of the expert helpers there will give you one-on-one assistance when one becomes available.

After posting your new post make sure under options that you select Track this topic and choose one of the Email options so that you're alerted when someone has replied to your post.

Alternatively, as a paying customer, you can contact the help desk at support@malwarebytes.org

Thank You -

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Hi and thanks for Your replay!

I don't know...I have posted 2 posts already...Not much?Try again/try more?(3 posts)...

No offense,i know these people here (including You?) are helping people like ME without getting paid and so on...

That's great.Thanks.

I have followed the instructions and sent all the logs...Expect i didn't disable..."Cd emulation software"

Scanned for rootkits and some were found but...

So nothing was found...

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About the risk, rather than the other alternative. Generally every factory built computer has the OS installed (OEM, correct me if I'm wrong). If not I'd imagine they'd give you a cd. If you have a reinstall disk then usually the utility deletes everything and reinstalls what came with the computer (factory restore) I know my Sony VAIO is this way, the only harm I've heard of this is if a malicious file is in your boot sector then it could come back. There may be more, generally I don't think any problems should occur, just note with Vista SP1 is not supported anymore (I believe this is true) and you'll have to install SP2 along with all the other updates.

If something goes wrong and all your partitions are deleted and the reinstall doesn't work you can download a Vista recovery bootable disc from another computer and burn it to a dvd/cd (I forget which it will need) then as long as you have a valid key (I don't know how an OEM one works) you can reinstall Vista.

This may seem vague slash not very helpful, but the point is with a brand new harddrive you can eventually get it back to factory condition or at least simply Windows Vista. I do it all the time for many purposes, and often just for fun.

Please someone correct me on any mistakes or inaccurate information I have said as I'm not a super expert just very very very knowledgeable about computers.

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Hi Rasmus,

When computers are bought, they normally come with an OS. Unless you bought it special(I'm not sure that's possible). To reinstall Windows you need to insert your disk and reboot. Once your computer logo appears, press F12 repeatedly, then select boot from disc. You will need you license key if you bought windows separately. For OEM discs(ones that came with your computer) you will not need a key(preactivated)

For Windows Vista reinstall do the following:

Depending on the service pack version it may appear differently.

Click Install(for non Sp) or Select your language and click Ok then country and install

Click Customized Installation

Ether delete the partition(just dumps everything) or format it by clicking it and install after your selection

After a while you will need to create a user name, name your pc network name. Pc network name can be anything you want aside from character limit

Set data and time. Then windows update settings which should always be at recommended.

After you will need to reinstall you drivers and other discs that came with it.

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One more question.

Can i buy the disk?I know where to buy it but do they sell those?

You see i wanna be sure it's the right disk and all this downloading... :) ...

And besides i have no internet at the moment,only...Well it's like a usb...stick?You know... :)

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Do you mean...

Start--->System restore and backup--->Full backup/computer back up...

Something like that (Note that my computer isn't in english...)

Well that wouldn't be very hard to do...Is there any difference if i use cd's or dvd's?

You can store more files on a dvd than a cd i suppose=making it cheaper?

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I haven't seen one in stores nor on Microsofts website for sale. I downloaded mine and it was a perfectly clean download. Just if you download it make sure its the right version 32bit is (x86) 64bit is (x64) and I believe mine was downloaded through P2P, so if you are hesitant to do that then you may have to keep looking for a regular download version.

The back-up option you are referring to I believe will back up all of your data not RESTORE. I'm not using Vista at the moment so I don't know the exact path to it.

Is your computer store bought or did you build it yourself? Because often on boot you can hit a special function key (F1-F12 those keys) and it will bring up a recovery console. I know my Sony Vaio its F10, but it varies from mfg to mfg. It usually like F9-F12 though. Hope this stuff helps some please ask if you are confused.

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I'm lucky i think.Hahah i have atleast 4 xp install cds:P

I have 2 disks...Yes,the one seems to have all drivers i'd need...The other says Intel G31 chipset support dvd...

Another says VGA driver...The other has alot of stuff on it,including Norton antivirus,which i think REALLY does suck...

I don't know why... :D Maybe cuz it had registration key...I mean pruduct key with it and it keeped saying wrong product key or something...So yeah... :D There are also other things...I could make a list...

The problem is there are so much text files etc...They both seem to run automaticly so i just let them to get installed and than i should be able to delete stuff i don't like from Add/remove(control panel)

My computer was ordered and it came without Vista installed on it.Some guy installed it (which takes like a day,according to the dude who installed it...Extra cash,extra cash...)

A good computer and i'd like to make some use out of it instead of ******* it up...Sorry :)

They will take 600 euros for it,for god sake.No way i'll give them the money>.<

Why do i need a recovery disk?I'm pretty sure there's(On istallation cd) a option "Repair your computer" and than there is start up repair,restore your computer fully from a backup etc.?I will download it,though,to make sure i won't screw it up...

Can it take hours?When my sis reformated her (mine) old computer it took really 2 hours but it was...This is like 7 months old and fast as...An hour,at max?I did a system restore which took about half an hour (and did fix some issues,too)

All i gotta do is buy some cds and a usb stick and i'm ready to go...Won't cost me more than 30 euros,if even that much.

Wish me luck guys

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