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I need Help~!! it's lsass.exe!!!

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not sure if it is some kinda virus...

but my laptop has been running okay this afternoon..

i turned it off and left uni..

and when i got home..

i wanted to use my laptop again..

BEFORE...i see the normal desktop screen..

i see THIS!!!!

lsass.exe- Entry Point Not Found

X The procedure entry point LdrSetSessionName could not be located in the dynamic link library mfc40u.dll.

at first i really think it is the system's problems..

but when i went on the internet (using other comp at home)..and check..

well...it could be the VIRUS..

i'm not sure what to do now..

as i cant even see the normal screen..

it's just all BLACK with the WHITE mouse pointer...


i'm having exams now and this is happening to me...

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Hi there sharlicious, and welcome to Malwarebytes.

Make sure your running as an adminstrater on the machine. Allow email from Malwarebytes.org and set your preferences in the User Control Panel to email notifications for replies to your topics. This ensures you make prompt replies back and we get you cleaned in the fastest way possible.

Please set your system to show

all files; Click Start.

Open My Computer.

Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options.

Select the View Tab.

Under the Hidden files and folders heading select Show hidden files and folders.

Uncheck the Hide protected operating system files (recommended) option.

Click Yes to confirm.

Click OK.

If you haven't already, please get these programs, update and run a complete scan removing all items found.

Spybot Search & Destroy Be sure to use the immunize feature. But do not enable TeaTimer at this time.

Open SB S&D

Make sure you are in Advanced Mode. Click on the Mode [b/]link at the top of the program and then Advanced Mode.

Click on the Tools section and then Resident.

You will see two items.

1. Resident "SD helper" (Internet Explorer bad download blocker.) active

2. Resident "Tea Timer" (Protection of over-all system settings.) active.

Uncheck number 2..

Leave number 1 checked always.

You can enable Tea Timer again if you wish once all special fixes have been done.

Please run a quick scan of your main drive, usually C with MBAM making sure you check all items found for removal. Please post that log in your next reply.

Then go here and run a scan PandaActive Scan There is a full tutorial on how to to this at the top of this forum.

Post the logs from the Panda and MBAM scans please, along with a log from this program HiJack This!

You will post three logs. 1. MBAM scan. 2. Panda Active Scan. 3. HiJack This scan. Please run and post the scans in this order. You will finish the MBAM first so go ahead and post that log, then move on to Panda and so forth.

I will analyze the logs and give you further instructions. Be sure to set your email to allow mail from Malwarebytes.org and your personal settings to send an email on reply to your topic. This will let you know when there has been an update to your topic and you can come and see what has been said.

Be patient and persistent. These things can take time and many procedures.

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thanks for replying..

but the problem now is...

i don't even see the actual screen with icons on it..

i turned on the laptop..

it runs the windows..

then SUPPOSINGLY normal screen next..((as in my beautiful desktop background and icons..

but INSTEAD the stuff i posted in the quote above appeared..

i have tried 'OK' on it and also just 'X' it..

but the response next was just a total black screen with my white mouse cursor..

no start no nothing..

how can i possibly run anything?

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Try booting to safe mode. Reboot and immediately start tapping the F8 key when the screen appears to choose and option choose safe mode with networking. Try to get a scan with MBAM if nothing else. It may be able to clean enough to allow you to get to a more operable state. It is also possible you have hardware failure rather than malware.

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I sorry, but if we can't run anything on the PC there just isn't much we can do to fix it. The only option I'm seeing here is to reformat the drive. Use your reinstall disks, hopefully they came with your PC and start over. I know this is not what you want to hear, but I am at a loss. I can ask for someone else to have a look but we need to be able to boot to clean.

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Due to lack of response this topic will be closed. The advice and procedures in this topic are for this system only DO NOT apply them to yours. Should you need assistance follow the instructions in the post titled Pre-HiJack This! Posting Instructions. Begin your own topic and someone will be happy to help you.

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