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And I don't have a clue :) but I did pass the information on to Float32 forum....home of the famous JJWalker (coder extraordinaire) :)http://www.thefloatingpoint.org/main/news.php

I have been programming in C++ ever since the language was made public. I've been programming in Intel and Zilog assembler before that and Microsoft C since version 4.0 (the worst version ther ever was). I am currently out of work and looking for a new position. I'd be very interested in helping you out but I have a few questions: Will the requirements be layed out in a way that makes it clear exactly what you are looking for? Is there any pay in this excursion. I tried going to Shopright and telling them that I will gladly pay them for my groceries once I've gotten a FT job but they had a real problem with that. They even called out the second level manager's assistant (5'8" tall and around 110 lbs.) and just wouldn't go for my story. The bottom line is that I need some cash flow. I can program for free 8 days a week but it doesn't put the mutton on the table. BTW, my title at my last job (before I was laid off) was Senior Infrastructure Engineer. I have an MCSD, an MCSE and a CompTIA security certification. I would love to help but there has to be money involved. I already volunteer to help the needy in West Virginia and Kentucky through a local non-denominational charity. I could definetly use the income. Please let me know what type of changes you are looking for. I have 21 years programming experience on the Intel platform.



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To the future posters, this is a serious position, asking a simple question for those that may possess the skills required. If you think you might have those skills do as requested in the initial post.

If you don't have those skills, simply have a nice day.

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