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List of Blocked IP's for 64 bits

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Ive been using malwarebytes for a few weeks now and it seems to be very good protection compared to what I could try before (a2 squared and windows defender, both a bit useless).

However I recently switched to a 64 bits OS and the IP blocking module does not work anymore (I read that its normal).

What I was thinking about if you have a list of the blocked IP's was the following (idea came from Spybot S&D using that method) :

why not use the windows hosts file to block potentially threatening IP's? everytime mbam gets updated it would update that list (optionally users could ofc turn off that feature) removing/adding IP's and making them point to

Thats just a suggestion, else if you dont plan to do so, is there a way to obtain that list of IP's you are blocking so i can generate my own hosts file ? Im really missing that feature :)


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It works fine on Windows 7 64bit for me.

I use HostsMan to manage my HOSTS file from hpHosts and MVPS but it has to be Run as administrator on Vista or Windows 7.


Its HostsServer application speeds up browsing with it proxy and enables logging of the HOSTS file effectiveness with its logging facilities.

By the way, the blocking IP addresses come from hpHosts file and MysteryFCM an Expert here supplies them.

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Not sure where you read that its normal for it not to be working anymore. It works fine on 64 bit....

somewhere in that forum after a google search. It works under wiindows 7 64 bits but not windows server 2003 std 64 bits. I got both at home and I cannot tick the IP protection on win 2003.

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trying hostsman on 7 before installing on win 2003. Weird that the IP blocker works on 7 and not on 2003 for 64 bits editions tho.

Server 2003 is a hell of a good OS, stable, simple and light, i kept my MSDN licence to use it at home but its often a pain for compatibilities, even more for 64 bits.

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