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Greetings :)

Hello exile360: Thanks. It isn't (VIPRE Consumer) detected, however, I want to add it to MBAMs Ignore List manually, as I am testing it with MBAM (full version). I already have all of MBAM recommended exclusions in VIPRE Always allowed list (full path). So far so good

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Hi Haider -

Try This fix -

For those using VIPRE PREMIUM and having problems with V1.46 updating, here is one fix.

  • Open VIPRE
  • Click Web Filter Settings
  • Click Allowed Web Sites
  • Add "data-cdn.mbamupdates.com" (without the quotes)
  • click OK
  • Close VIPRE

Now MBAM V1.46 should update normally.

A picture of VIPRE to assist you - (From AdvancedSetup)

Hope this helps -

Thank You - :)

EDIT - (From the FAQ area) If it is a site and not just your A/V -

How can I add an IP so it won't be detected and can access a site I need to?

Visit the site and incur an IP block. Then right-click on the Malwarebytes system-tray icon after the block notification appears, and choose Add to Ignore List.

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Hi noknojon: Thanks, probably I did not explain properly, it's almost 48 hours now that I am running both of them without any problem(s) and they are updating as well (VIPRE - 6301, & MBAM - 4099) as of writing this

I still want to tweak, at the moment VIPRE AP is enabled, however I do want to try what happens when check files when they are opened or copied is checked too

Also none of the two have any scheduled scan, I will adjust them in a way that they don't overlap. I hope with the partnership http://vipre.malwarebytes.org it will become more compatible without user doing any adjustments

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