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Need help PLEASE.... "With a little Virus Issue"

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I been having this virus problem ever since about noon this evening and I got it by simply opening a folder that i downloaded... I do not know why AVG or Malwarebytes didn't pick it up and i have no clue what it is, but rather this its really starting annoying the heck outta me. It won't even let me use Internet Explorer and everytime i try to access my files a annoying error pop up message tells me to download a anti-spyware program, photos below, some body please help me!!


When I try opening my files


-The Pop up error message!- Fake


I say NO but it takes me to this.... :P

Somebody please help.... alot of thanks in advance

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Hi tommymason,

Malware removal on this forum follows a set procedure. Please read this post and follow the directions therein. Once you have posted the logs in the correct forum someone will assist you with sanitizing your machine.


Eric the Red is correct about the set procedure to clean all the junk off a machine. However, I am just a little curious as to what the messages were that got converted to images and stored in PhotoBucket. Apparently PB didn't like something about them and either moved or removed them. Knowing what was in the error messages might help to cut down on troubleshooting time. I'm not an expert but I always feel that the more info you have (as long as it is relavent) the better. It would probably help to speed things along somewhat (remember that cleaning an infected machine can take DAYS, depending on the situation). Is there anyway to post copies of the errors from PB? If it is impossible, don't fret over it. The link provided by Eric should get you on your way to a clean machine again. I was just thinking that a few steps might be able to be skipped if more was known about the infestation.


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