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Limited Accounts

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In Vista and 7 you are an admin by default, at least the first user account created when Windows is set up is but UAC makes it act almost like a limited account, requiring approval for any administrative action. This prevents programs from altering any administrative settings or permissions protected files/folders without first getting your approval through UAC.

Personally, I don't like using an actual limited account, I prefer using an admin account in Vista/7 but with UAC enabled so that I get the prompts, and thus the automatic block should a program try to do something that requires administrative privileges. In XP limited user accounts are a good idea, but I've found them far too painful to actually use as so many applications require admin privileges even to run and Run as... doesn't work nearly as seemlessly in XP as it does in Vista/7 (ie Run as administrator).

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Thanks exile. :blink: I just learned something there. I run vista on an admin account mainly because I've yet to figure out how to set up a limited account and then make all my pictures/documents etc on my current admin account accessible to a limited account. It's probably perfectly simple but I just haven't got around to figuring it out yet. I've always had UAC enabled so it's good to know it is protecting me as well as a limited account would. I'll probably just keep things as they are too.

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To create a limited account just create a new account, it will be Standard by default, meaning it is limited (just a different terminology). As for accessing the files, if you're just moving them you can simply move them over to the limited account's folders from the admin account, or you can grab them from the admin account's folders while logged into the limited account, but you'll need the admin password if one exists because UAC will pop up with a prompt.

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