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Pre- HJT Post Spybot question ...

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Your Pre- HJT Post Instructions say to run Spybot S/D and remove all items found.

It does not say to run the scan in Default Mode, or Advanced mode.

Later in the instructions it talks about Spybot-Advanced Mode and Tea-Timer.

When I clicked to set Spybot-Advanced Mode, it shows a warning that some of the options for Advanced Mode can do harm to your computer. I assume that means that if running Spybot-Advanced Mode, you should not just blindly select and remove all items found.

So, I am running Spybot in Default mode. Please let me know if I should run it again in Advanced Mode.

Also please consider clarifying this in your instructions.

Thanks for your help.


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Running the scan in default is fine. Advanced mode shows more information and adds some functions that if your not a knowledgeable user can cause problems. You must be in Advanced Mode to turn off TeaTimer. TeaTimer needs to be shut down for most of these scans to work properly because it protects against what the program needs to do to search for malware.

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Since this topic has had no reply for over 5 days it will be closed to prevent other from posting into it. Should you decide to resume with your assistance PM any staff member and we will be happy to reopen the topic.

Note: the fixes in this topic are for this system only. Applying them to your system can cause severe damage and result in utter system failure. If you need help start your own topic and someone will be happy to assist you.

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