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Happy Birthday ipl_001

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Hi sho-dan,

I went to the concert to see 2 French stars: Angelo Debarre (guitar) and Ludovic Beier (jazz accordion).

In fact, they invited another one: Marius Apostol (jazz violin) who lives in my town and I didn't know this!

This violinist is wonderful and I immediately sent an email to my favorite jazz radio so that they consider inviting him in their studio.

The link I gave plays music. Angelo Debarre told us that there was 124 minutes of free music to download.

They give a series of concerts to celebrate the 100th birthday of Django Reinhardt.

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Hi Buttons,

Thanks for your wishes.

Given your age, I'm surprised by your words "Enjoy it while you can." but it's very good advice.

I'm 63 and I just have them (your words) in mind very often thinking of possible troubles to walk and do things in a few years so that I tend to exaggerate (and do lots of physical things now): for example, for my birthday, I walked 25 kilometers (16 miles) thinking "in a few years you might not be able to walk that much"... I even plan to trek to Santiago de Compostela.

I suppose that you, Americans, don't know much about Santiago de Compostela: it's the name of a Spanish city (north west, just above Portugal) said to have been founded (or inhabited) by Saint James (the Apostle with a scallop as a sign).

In the Middle-Ages, for religious reason, people were walking to this city from every part of Europe.

Nowadays, many persons who like walking, dream of going there, just as a challenge so people go from Germany, Scandinavia, the UK, France, etc. to Santiago.

From Paris, it is 1800 kilometer (1120 mile) far and I want to do this in 3 months (many people do it by 250 kilometers (155 miles) in 10 days every year).

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Hi catscomputer,

Thanks for your wishes. :)

Did you hear about this pilgrimage? As it is something which existed 1,000 years ago, you might know about this even in New Zealand.

Here's a link to Wikipedia which gives you details -> Way of St. James

(if you're interested, Google could provide far more information)

A few additional words:

- about 10 years ago, I went to Santiago de Compostela to work in a subsidiary of ours. As we needed to start our meeting early, we arrived on the previous day. As we didn't have anything to do, we walked in the city to find a restaurant. I noticed it was a very nice city (my hotel had the shape of a fortified castle with its crenellations and thick walls) with large squares... then we arrived in front of a university with there too, wonderful old buildings. Then we could see a huge cathedral with rich thingies in its center (lots of gold and windows), lots of confessionals in any languages!!

I knew about what we call in French "Saint-Jacques de Compostelle"; for me, I was in "Santiago" and I didn't make a link between the names.

I realized that I was in this holy location!!

- a few years ago, as a colleague was retiring, I asked him what he was going to do and he told me he intended to trek to Saint-James.

- this year, I talked to other colleagues who told me that he did it in one go (3 months). These colleagues are doing this pilgrimage too but they walk during 10 days each year (25 kilometers -16 miles- per day) like many other walkers.

- I decided to do it in one go next year (25 kilometers per day for about 3 months from Paris to Santiago).


As you can read it from Wikipedia, there are lots of people doing this (>200,000 this year), and lots of ways from lots of countries in Europe.

Nothing to do with religion for me but I'm moved when I think so many people have been doing this for 1,000 years when they spoke Latin (educated persons) and neither English not French nor German yet: in addition to the physical challenge, it's cultural. Of course the ways/tracks go through typical villages with hills and wonderful landscapes far from motorways and modern life. All along the tracks, there are inns and kinds of Bed and breakfast where you can meet other people with the same reasons as yours: I suppose we would speak about our feet :blink: our experiences with walking and culture, about history in the past 1,000 years - nothing to do with economic crisis, and politics, and wars and so on and so forth.

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Thanks for your wishes SpiderLover!

Thanks for your wishes and French words, mona7865!

Yes, as Wikipedia shows it, many routes going from Belgium, Germany, etc.

Belgians, Germans, British, French = same people, same problems, same troubles, same worries... we have the same culture.

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Thanks for the French words.

In France, we still retire early and I am lucky enough to do what I want with my days: oodles of activities... I just take care of my good shape so that I can live about 40 years like this!

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