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Hi all, just wanting to say thanks for this awesome Anti Malware. Today i got an AntiSpyware Soft thing, it blocked everything, thanks to some help i could get rid of it by this program and all other one's didnt work :D.

Thanks! :angry:

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Hi SparkZ and welcome to malwarebytes.:D

Glad it worked well for you. The Malwarebytes' team does a fantastic job. It really is a powerful program. Enjoy your stay.:angry:

P.S. What security software are you ruining? The reason I'm asking is, that I would be happy to help you try to prevent this from happing in the future.:D One thing is for sure, that you can get it again unlike the chickenpox. It's better to try as much as possible to not get it again.

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Hi SparkZ -

Microsoft Security Essentials is almost as good as any other , and it's free - Also low usage program -

Full time background scanning and you can set a good scan to run when it suits you -

Delete Eset Smart Security if you don't use it -

Regards - (YoKenny1 will say to install Avast free :angry: )

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Thanks guys YoKenny1, wow at that link at regedit thing i had alot of crap that wasn't on my computer anymore. Delete some of those also. I just downloaded the Microsoft Secruity Essentials and scanning.

Thanks guys!

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