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Malwarebytes 1.46 shuts down before displaying results

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I've been battling a number of infections for several days. No idea how they were contracted, and no precedent. Their worst symptoms are that no updates were possible for MalwareBytes, for IoloAntivirus, nor for SystemMechanic., not for SpyDoctor. Also, IE seemed to refuse certain security-related sites, including www.malwarebytes.org, while opening others.

After applying Microsoft Security Essentials (the only one that broke through the update block!) I was finally able to install and update the latest MalWareBytes and update to database 4066. I should mention that I had a previous version installed from June 2009, which I did not de-install for fear of losing my last working (sort-of) defense. Installing 1.46 seemed to progress without any problems and there is only one instance installed now.

Anyway -- performing a Quick Scan, or Flash Scan (I just bought 3 licenses for my entire home network), MWB finds a considerable number of "infected objects" (bewteen 27 and 45) and finishes normally with the usual one-line report in the pop-up with the OK button. But pressing OK, instead of giving access to the "Show Results" button, terminates the program instantly w/o any further message. No evidence of it ever having run in the logs, either.

I tried to "trick" it by letting it run only a while, then press "Abort Scan" after at least some infected objects were found. Same problem.

I then disabled Real-Time protection of Microsoft Security Essentials; as well as Spy Doctor -- made no difference.

Reluctant to reboot computer because this is the first time in 3 days I can at least run an up-to-date MalwareBytes...

Other clues: Cannot install IoloAntivirus or System Mechanic (I de-installed existing copies first) -- same "silent termination" of both of their setup programs. All other applications on computer seem to function normally, though I use only few of them right now, fearing some Trojan worm.

Any help appreciated.


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