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Please follow the directions by exile360 one by one in the post that noknojon posted. If all those solutions cannot solve the problem, please follow the directions in the post here, and post back here (please include the antivirus and firewall you used in your system, and is your system Windows XP SP3?), so the developer will try to investigate.

Remember to track this topic by making sure under options, you select Track this topic and choose one of the Email options. When you reply, please use the ADD REPLY button at the top or bottom of this topic.

Please reply whether it can solve the problem.

Thank you.

[The following will be the translation, which has similar meaning as in the words above, in Traditional Chinese.]


請先根據上面 noknojon 所標示的連結,依照 exile360 的指引去做。假如第一個方法不行,請繼續往下尋找 exile360 的帖,執行他所提供的其他方法。如果那幾個方法依然不能解決你的問題,請依照這裏的方法,然後在此主題回覆(請在回覆裏指明你的系統 [是否 Windows XP SP3?] 所使用的防毒軟件及防火牆軟件)。

請在本主題右邊的 "options" 選單,選擇 "Track this topic" ,然後選擇一個電子郵件選項,以便你知道本主題何時有新回覆。回覆時請使用 "ADD REPLY"按鍵。


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