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Just an update.

It seems to be more an issue with Sunbelt Kerio firewall. I can update with the firewall disabled, but putting

data-cdn.mbamupdates.com in the trusted area, as per other thread I linked to above, makes no difference.

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I know it is the firewall and not the main A/V that seems to be causing your problem, but try this if you have Sunbelt (VIPRE) A/V also -

For those using VIPRE PREMIUM and having problems with V1.46 updating, here is the fix.

  • Open VIPRE
  • Click Web Filter Settings
  • Click Allowed Web Sites
  • Add "data-cdn.mbamupdates.com" (without the quotes)
  • click OK
  • Close VIPRE

Now check if MBAM V1.46 will update normally.

Picture of VIPRE A/virus -

The Sunbelt Firewall has been very over active due to newer threats and is blocking many good sites also - So some people have removed or disabled it during manual downloads -

Also check in your Update Tab that 1.46 is listed as available -

Current version is 1.46, Version 4060 -

Thank You

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Thanks very much for your reply, noknojon. The problem with updating MBAM allowed me to discover that the firewall was also behind a problem I had getting pages to load at a forum I'm a mod at. I never would have thought of disabling the firewall when visiting my main home on the www, so disabling it to update MBAM allowed me to solve another problem. Needless to say, I switched firewalls, so all is good now. Thanks again! :lol:

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