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Malwarebytes automatically closes after I click on "Okay" when it informs me that it has finished scanning

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Hi. I am able to finish scanning many times, but everytime I click on Okay when it says that "Scanning is completed, click on Show results to show results(not sure how it goes exactly), it Malwarebytes automatically shuts down.

I have tried to do a partial scan, but the same thing happens. Basically it closes when I press "okay," right before I am able to click on "Show results."

What should I do?

Thanks for the help

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Hi, actually I'm already seeking help through another forum. Please go ahead and lock this if you want to. Thank you for your help.

And to anyone who happens to stumble across this facing the first problem I had... what I did was to first run Super AntiSpyware, let them do the cleanings first. Then I ran MB's scan. I read some place else that clicking the red cross after scanning is done(rather than clicking "Okay") helps. So I did that. And it worked.

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