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Protection module > 100% CPU usage on U230 netbook

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Just reporting that the MBAM protection module was ultimately found to be the culprit for a system slowdown I would get when downloading.

When I received my MSI U230 netbook with 32bit Windows7, MBAM + the protection module was the first program I loaded. The computer would go very slowly for any download, from any program. The faster the download, the more pronounced the effect. Effectively it meant I had to wait until downloads completed before doing any other task. Task manager would show up to 100% cpu usage. I put up with it for weeks, while dualbooting with Ubuntu which was fine for downloading.

I uninstalled and reinstalled my wireless drivers to no avail, and found the problem also occurred when using an ethernet cable. I temporarily disabled Avast and quit MBAM, but interestingly the problem remained - so I assumed it wasn't an antivirus problem. Windows Defender was already off, and I turned off the Windows Firewall, and that wasn't it either. I tested DCP problems with the Windows Performance Toolkit, which traced the issue to ndis.sys. That really didn't tell me anything I didn't already suspect. As a last resort, I removed Avast, and restarted. Immediately I ran a download and everything was fine! For a moment - until MBAM started on delay, then the problem returned. I uninstalled MBAM, and reinstalled it. Fine without protection module, but loading the protection module again caused the issue. I'll have to leave it off for now.

MBAM has been the most valuable security program that I've ever used, and has saved me from some nasty things many years ago where Avira/SpybotS&D/Adaware failed. I would prefer to use it if I could on my netbook, particularly since I have bought 3 licences! :)

Any useful advice would be very welcome.



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  • Root Admin

We believe this has been fixed already but is still being tested in v1.46 beta.

If you like you can sign up for the beta here and try it out and let us know your results in the beta forum.

If you're not comfortable running beta software though then please wait until the product is released.

Create any replies for the beta here

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