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massive ?malware problems


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Posting this on behalf of my dad.

His computer has been running WinXP and Mcafee Antivirus, all fully updated afaik and no problems at all before this.

This morning on startup, he got a popup saying that there was some error with DCOM and the system will restart in 30 seconds with a timer. After it restarted, the popup didn't come back but there are now a whole host of problems, including:

1. Internet/local network connections are down

2. IE closes immediately after starting (Chrome is fine though)

3. MS Word crashes on starting with several error boxes

4. Mcafee and Ad-aware cannot start

5. Taskbar and Start menu do not work (since fixed though)

6. Sound drivers are gone

7. Thumbdrives are not recognized (cdrom is ok)

8. Unable to drag-drop icons or copy-paste

Since then, I've tried the following to no effect:

1. Safe mode

2. Look through services.msc, msconfig, task manager and regedit (couldn't find any suspicious processes to the best of my limited knowledge)

3. Install AVG Antivirus (failed to install) and Malwarebytes (failed to run - vbalsgrid6.ocx error)

4. Run RootRepeal - only files it picked up were Google-related (bootstrapsomething)

To me it looks like a virus or malware of some kind is causing all the problems but I can't find a culprit so far. I'd appreciate any help given, this computer has some rather important information on it so I'd rather not have to reformat it.



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Looks like this is no malware related problem. The symptoms you are describing + the fact that you have McAfee installed means that you were also dealing with the faulty update by McAfee which deleted the system important file svchost.exe

Also see here for other users reporting the same:



Please read and follow the instructions posted here:


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