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Rogue: Evidence Eliminator

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I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, as I'm not able to confirm that "false positives" includes "rogues," but it seems to be the best available. I have searched "Examined Rogues", and do not find Evidence Eliminator, and I encourage examining it.

After 7 years of use, it is my experience that Evidence Eliminator is NOT a rogue program. I hated buying it because of the awful name, but it shredded files other "highly recommended" shredders could not even see. I have since learned that it is a very powerful system clean-up utility, as well as one of the most powerful shredders out there (it also gets "locked" files others miss). It does NOT install itself without PAYING for it, and it does NOT intrude, add any adware, malware, popups, or anything. As long as you do not lose your key, it is supported in perpetuity without any additional cost, even for additional downloads, etc. (so far). In my experience, it is a good, valid tool, and in spite of its unfortunate name and obnoxious advertising, has exhibited no "rogue" behavior whatsoever.

Every Malwarebyte scan comes up with 130 some-odd files, keys, folders, etc. related to it, and I cannot figure out how to add the entire list to the "Ignore List." Surely there must an alternative to manually adding 130 times. Suggestions appreciated.

And if anyone has had a different experience with this program, I'd love to hear it. Thank you.


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Ignore should work , what happens when you right click a scan result and select ignore ?

Ignore works, you just have to do it with every single file. I was hoping that MBAM would permit multiple selections with Ignore, but it does not. C'est la guerre.

Thanks for the links & info. I appreciate it. I'm not surprised EE has so much bad press. Its advertising is awful, and its name alone is enough to shun it. But, as I said above, I spent literally 100s on "legit" shredders that could not even see these files that stumped everyone, including multiple Symantec techs. Highlight the file, click "shred" (or delete or whatever) and get "file not found." Over and over. I tried EE in utter desperation, and by golly it saw the files and shredded them. And so far it has not failed me.

And, thank goodness, nor has it intruded itself into my life in any way. So maybe it can't be trusted, I don't know. But I'm keeping it around, and when I need something to be REALLY gone, it's where I turn.


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