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I am disapointed in the forum members response to the Shuriken Heuristics Beta test

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Hi guys :)

I am realy disapointed in the forum members response to Marcin's request to test the Shuriken Heuristics Beta. I honestly expected much much more response as I see now. It is a realy simple test with no risk involved. So if you got an email with a request to test it, please do so :P

Greetz, Red.

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Any mail from Malwarebytes should be via internal PM and not Emails - There are too many scam Emails

This "Forum Deity" (like that carries any weight) stands to be corrected. Will no one from Malwarebytes post up to say that the email I (we) received from your company was not a scam?

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I definitely plan to test it, unfortunately I haven't had the time yet.

Edit: I completed my test scan yesterday <_<

I will however have time tomorrow and I shall be testing it then :)

As for what noknojon said, it is a good idea to be wary of certain types of emails, however, emails from Malwarebytes when you have signed up to get emails and/or have joined the beta testing program, are much more likely than not legit :) I think it would be pretty easy to tell if it was legit or not, personally.

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Time is tight for testing at the moment

If you subscribed to these Malwarebytes' beta/Shuriken beta testing programs you will get an email. I have never had an email scam concerning MBAM

From the email I recieved:

Thank you for signing up for our beta testing program. You will receive e-mails periodically with beta versions of our products. You may unsubscribe at any time.
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