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how to get back log in under normal start up

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Ok I Use Vista 32 bit home premium with vist service pack 2.

I logged into my computer under safe mode, now I cant get it to start back up under normal mode

Here is what I do

Go msconfig

general tab set to normal.

click apply

click ok

when I boot up it comes up in safe mode

So I read that I need to

open msconfig

under general tab click normal clcik apply

then go to boot tab and unclick safe boot, clcik apply

But when I do that if I go back to general tab, it shows not normal start up but selective start up with all the boxes checked

(load system services, load start up items, and load original boot configuration all checked)

so How do I make it stay as Normal start up? don't click back on genarla tab after unclicking safe boot?

is selective start up with all the boxes checked just basically the same as normal start up?

is normal start and selective start pretty much the same if you have all the boxes checked in selective start?

how can you tell when you start up and log on if you are in selective start up or normal start up? ( I know safe mode looks very different)

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