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Ver. 1.45 Scheduled Scan Error

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Ever since ver. 1.45 was released, I have been having problems with my MBAM automated daily scan. My machine is running XP Home Edition SP3. As with ver. 1.44, I have MBAM update its database daily, before running a QuickScan. Ever since ver. 1.45 was released, QuickScan does NOT execute when I am NOT logged onto the machine. The DB update still runs, as shown in a representative protection log that I've reproduced below. Apparently, "update" still runs even though GetUserToken evaluates to "null", while "scan" will not run if it cannot acquire proper user credentials.

05:30:05 (null) MESSAGE Scheduled update executed successfully

05:30:08 (null) MESSAGE IP Protection stopped

05:31:34 (null) MESSAGE Database updated successfully

05:31:36 (null) MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully

06:00:00 (null) ERROR Scheduled scan failed: GetUserToken failed with error code 0

Again, if I am logged into the machine before the scan is scheduled to run, it executes fine.

I've also noticed that unlike ver. 1.44, update and scan jobs created within MBAM no longer appear in Windows Scheduled Tasks.

Any helpful insight would be most appreciated. Good day to all!

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Greetings :D

Updates run as System, not the current user. Scans run as the user unless otherwise specified (there is an option to run scheduled scans silently from the System account). The scheduler uses Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware's service to execute scheduled scans and updates, not the Windows Task Scheduler (this was done to provide more flexibility).

What I would recommend is scheduling your scan to run from the System account and setting it to create a log so that you'll know the results.

If you have any further questions or issues please post.

Thanks :P

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Thank you, Exile, for your response.

However, I'm not fully understanding your guidance. You write, ". . . (there is an option to run scheduled scans silently from the System account)." I cannot find the option you refer to in the MBAM application itself (I am using the paid version of MBAM v. 1.45), in any of its tabs or sub-tabs. I also checked Windows Services, and the only MBAM "service" I see running is "MBAMService" and it is running off my machine's Local System Account.

So if you could clarify your prior guidance and provide me a more exact location of the option you referenced, I would most appreciate it.

Thanks again,


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Hello again :D

To schedule it you will need to open Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and click on the Protection tab then click on the Scheduler button. Once the Scheduler window opens, click the Scan tab (just to the left of the Update tab in the Scheduler window).

Now select the options you desire for you scheduled scan, making sure to check the box to the left of Perform scheduled scan silently from system account. and once you have everything set up the way you desire (date, time, frequency etc) go ahead and click on the Add button at the bottom of the Scheduler window.

Also take a look at the link I posted if you haven't already as it illustrates what the windows, tabs and options should look like.

Please post back with your results and if you have further issues or questions.

Thanks :o

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Good morning, Exile:

Thanks. I found the option to have the scan run "silently." My scheduled scan early this morning ran like a charm. Admittedly, I do now remember seeing that option a few weeks ago, when I was browsing the then newly released v. 1.45, and recreating my daily update and scan tasks. At the time, I didn't comprehend what the option was for. But boy, do I understand now. Thanks again Exile. You rock.

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