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Quarantine failure - ComboFix cure?

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I have had Malwarebytes' Anti-malware installed with a paid subscription on my computer for many months. For several days I have been getting a message about a malicious attack being blocked and each time I have chosen to quarantine it but each time nothing appears in the quarantine window. When I check the log I get this information:


Then: ERROR Quarantine failed: UtilityReadFile failed with error code 2

When I emailed malware support I received instructions to use something called ComboFix, but it appears to be an advanced utility designed for users with advanced skills, which I certainly lack. I asked some followup questions of malwarebytes, but have received no response, so I am asking them here:

This backdoor bot is continuing to attack my computer and malwarebytes tells me it has blocked it but then the quarantine fails. Does this mean the backdoor bot has gained access anyway? When I run a full scan, nothing bad turns up. How serious a danger is this malware?

Will this advanced utility delete any of my Word files, or pictures or programs or any files associated with an online file sharing program such as www.dropbox.com? I have not installed anything new within the last 6 months let alone the last 30 days.

If ComboFix deletes things without asking, how will I know what has been deleted and how will I retrieve files or reinstall programs if they are critical?

How long will ComoboFix take to run?


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