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IObit Malware Fighter,


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Hello members you all know the story that IObit company stole Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware database. And yeah i know that to it was true. But enough with that i want to present to you soon the New! IObit Security 360 Called IObit Malware Fighter! :)

IObit Security 360 Now! IObit Malware Fighter!




There Is No Beta Release Yet but i think this wood be again Nice competition..

Sorry if i may not post the images.

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Errr no, my "PC" is a laptop, and is not "danger" (though it's a bugger when I trip over the cable :) )


Scary .... looking over the UI screenshots shows some glaringly obvious spelling errors - makes me wonder who actually IS doing their job properly over there.

/edit 2

Moved to a more appropriate forum.

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Here here Catscomputer. Never will I ever use a product when I know that it stole from another, even if it has been corrected since. The damage has been done, in my opinion.

I will also never recommend a product that has done the above mentioned, and if someone asks me what I think about a product that has done so, I am going to tell them :)

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I will not support IOBit after evidence shows they stole intellectual property from MBAM.

No IOBit application will inhabit my systems. :)

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why are we discuss about crap software

we are not discuss about crap but we are discus spelling an grammer just like their doing hear an over they're at wilduhs secudiddy forim lol thak you very nice what are your talking about no i kid vary well done thanks lol

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