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question to the devs

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I work in a company that produces a bundled antivirus/antispyware software and part of our service is users get free infection removal and the top 2 tools we like to use is malwarebytes and SAS. I've noticed from time to time that SAS finds things malwarebytes doesnt, and I've noticed that malwarebytes finds things sas doesnt. My question is I was planning to upload the files from customers PCs that SAS finds that malwarebytes doesnt, is this something you'd like me to do or would you prefer me to not send infections sas finds that malwarebytes doesnt. Ultimately I'd like to get to the point that we only use your product in conjunction with some specialized tools like smitfraudfix, vundofix, and hijackthis.

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I am glad that MBAM has been working well for you and I would also appreciate the help in making it even better .

Our sample upload is here :


If you ever have a sample that needs very quick addition to our defs feel free to zip and attach it to a post in this forum , these will be seen by me much quicker .

You can also upload here :


I am staff there as well and have access to their uploads . Castlecops might be a better place to upload if you have a huge pile and want to upload a single zip .

You mentioned specialized tools and I have a few more that are top notch (you may or may not already use them) .






I do not use IceSword for much in the way of removal or detection but its API bypassing file and registry browser make capturing file and registry info very easy .

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