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what should i do

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hi i resently installed Malewarebytes antimaleware. I m runing it along with Avast IS 5.0. just now i m browsing in a torrent site downloading a movie .avi file, wnen MWAM showed a warning "succeesfully blocked access to a potential maleware site *.*.*.*" ? Now what should i do? should i closed the download. m.. ind you the download was not affected. plz help so that i can avoid some damage. i m counting on u lot, thank you.

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Sorry, but your not going to get a whole lot of support when torrent is mentioned.... MBAM is doing its job, nothing more you can do really.

My recommendation, to avoid damage, don't do torrents!!

thanks for the advice. i will keep that in mind. torrents are such easy ways to downloa new movies, but if i was unsafe i will rather not risk it. thanks for your time. take care and good bye

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At least when I am at work I would very much like to avoid torrent clients...it turns out that the latest incarnation of Opera does torrent by default. Can Malwarebytes both tell me immediately and stop a process if it's opened multiple tcp ports?



I've been keeping Opera at home and downloading a largish (legit) file for my job from the CDC and keep looking for a way to flag the download. Thanks for any advice.

Googling for "torrent detection / removal" gets many many hits on how to avoid detection, but in this case I WANT to be detected~

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