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Malwarebytes Scan Taking Forever


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What we want to do now, in normal mode, is kill certain processes one by one and then try a Quick Scan after each process is killed. To do this, just open Process Explorer, right click on a process, then click Kill Process. Then try a Quick Scan after each individual process is killed. But make sure that you completely close and then re-open MBAM before trying each Quick Scan. Please do the non-microsoft processes first and let me know if the scan speeds up after killing any particular process.

Rebooting the computer will start any killed processes again.

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This is invaluable training, cheerz!

No fortune as yet in nailing troublesome process. I have killed all non MS processes except a Comodo Internet Security executable which refuses to be killed even running Process Explorer as admin. Any tips? Obviously it is designed not to be tampered with but may be the guilty suspect?

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I'm glad you like doing a bit of training. Because, if you can learn how to diagnose the problem yourself, it could save me a lot of work. :o

I'm also glad that you seem to be quite a technically aware user, because you were able to follow exile360's and my own directions very quickly with no trouble at all.

Anyway, Comodo's self protection module will probably not allow you to kill the process in a normal manner. But you can use Autoruns, instead of Process Explorer, to stop the process from running at Startup. To do this, open Autoruns and just un-tick the box beside the process you want to stop from running at Startup, then restart your computer. The process should not be running after the restart. To make the process run at Startup again, open Autoruns and re-tick the relevant box, then restart your computer. You can do exactly the same thing with drivers and services etc as well.

To do a bit of Autoruns training please see under 'Usage' here:


and there is also the Autoruns forum here:


Basically, some process, driver, service or whatnot is somehow causing your MBAM scans to be very slow. To get to the root of the problem will probably take a bit of guessing and trial and error. On your system I would guess that something related to either Epson, Comodo or Acronis could be the problem. But I could easily be wrong about that.

The only thing you need to be careful with when using Autoruns is not to un-tick some essential Microsoft entry that could stop the computer from starting up properly again. Apart from that, you should be OK to use a bit of guessing and trial and error to get to the root of the problem.

Best of luck, my friend. :)

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Any pointers gladly received. For instance is it fine to turn of all non MS drivers/and or services? Also, what, if any MS processes are safe to turn off? I've noticed that some executables are self generating.

So far I've wildly lunged in the dark resulting in BSOD & the very next attempt a non booting PC. Thank goodness for native disk imaging as Acronis images could not be accessed due to BitLocker encryption, like duh! At least I know now to create a separate Acronis Secure Zone partition to store images.

All my drivers are digitally signed BTW, if that makes any difference?

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I wouldn't worry about turning off Microsoft processes, drivers or services, because they are unlikely to be the cause of the problem. If you turn off non-Microsoft stuff, you are more likely to be OK. Unless it's something like a video driver where you may not see anything on the screen after a reboot, or some kind of low level driver that is important in the boot up process. Just because some third party drivers are digitally signed, it does not mean that they cannot be a possible source of the problem.

It can be a pain, but sometimes it may be better to completely uninstall a third party program to troubleshoot, rather than just turning off it's processes, drivers and services etc. In fact, this may be a much better way to proceed if you want to avoid any possible BSODs or non-booting problems etc.

Just make sure that you have your Acronis boot disk and a verified valid image to hand at all times. :)

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Marktreg and Fleamour,

I seem to be experiencing the same issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Malwarebytes per your directions and it did solve a couple of issues I was having. I've also added Malwarebyte files to the AV ignore list. However, the Normal and Quick scans are still running extremely slow. At the 1 minute point no more than 900 files scanned and more often 6-700 scanned before I stop it.

I ran a Flash scan and it scanned to completion in about 7 minutes, and performed as the Normal and Quick scans used to perform. I found this very interesting and thought it worth mentioning to add to you information in diagnosing the slow running issue.

FWIW I'm running a Win 7, 64 bit sys.

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