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FileASSASSIN Requests


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I would like to see Official Windows 7 support for FileASSASSIN (same goes for RegASSASSIN).

I would also like to see the ability for FileASSASSIN to deal with locked folders as well as locked files. I run into the problem here and there where you cannot delete a folder (sometimes even an empty one) without a reboot.

Thanks in advance. :)

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The developers are hoping to update this application sometime in the future but there is no set time table at this time.

Thanks for taking the time to contact us tho.

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I second JayZJay. A 'FolderAssassin' would be a useful tool in MBAM as well as the 'FileAssassin'. There are instances that I can't figure out how to delete a locked folder even when MBAM has removed the malicious file from my computer. I had to resort to a small third party program called UnLock IT:


I don't think it would be difficult for MBAM to add that tool.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys :)

I don't know about any updates to the standalone versions of RegASSASSIN and FileASSASSIN, but the version of FileASSASSIN built into Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is still under regular development being a part of MBAM itself so I will submit the suggestion of enhancing FileASSASSIN to have the capacity to remove locked folders to the developers.

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