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computer suddenly powers down...

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hi there

got an odd one. Sony VAIO VGN-CR490. Been working fine for 2yrs. Not even a hint of a problem. Protected with Norton 360.

Last few weeks, computer runs for variable amounts of time and then simple powers down. Not a sudden power down but the kind you get when holding the power button for >4 secs. This can happen after a few mins of working or after 2.5 hrs of working, no obvious pattern. Will run in Safe Mode for even longer....

Does the same thing running on battery or running on mains power. Even tried mains power with no battery. Same thing; it's as if I've held down the power button for >4secs. So, don't think it's hardware-related...

Have done Checkdsk, Norton Scans, Avast Scans and MalwareBytes scans. Only MalwareByte Scan found something and I removed the offending files....problem still persists though (even though Full MalwareBytes Scan has completed successfully).

I am wondering if anyone has any bright ideas before I rebuild this machine...



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I would run some tests on that computer.

Test the memory....

Test for over heating....

Test the Power Supply.... but since this is a laptop, use a different power cord (but I know you mentioned it does it on battery only too).

I am going to say it is probably hardware failure, like overheating.

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