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If I have messed this up and I am in the wrong location, my apologies. I have a PlusDeck2C cassette player in my computer in order to convert cassettes to CDs in various formats. I have not used it in a few months and today when I did, the cassette played crystal clear but the recording it yielded was bad. I attempted to go to their web site to see if there were new drivers, etc but Malwarebytes cut me off at the pass, generating the following

17:25:21 Ken IP-BLOCK

19:10:17 Ken IP-BLOCK

It seems strange that a commercial site would be bad. How do I verify this and if it is not bad, how do I work around it?

Thanks for your help

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This whole site is messed up. BTO is the manufacturer of PlusDeck but it seems that their site only offers to sell it to distributors. The support I am looking for is talked about in various documents BTO has spread around the Internet, but I can't get to them.

Any suggestions to a newbie that needs support from the PlusDeck site but, as was pointed out, it is in the wrong neighborhood?

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I think this is a lost cause that I never should have brought up re: Malwarebytes! The PlusDeck web site is not going to provide any answers since it does not use drivers I am told. BTO and its web site are just a mess but that's not my problem. My problem seems to be with a problem between the PlusDeck (which plays tapes great) and the sound card which is recording fuzzy audio from the PlusDeck. It also seems that there may be a short developing in my speaker sub woofer but that's another problem. Sorry to have posted this. I am going to borrow a new sound card and speakers and see if I can isolate the problem better.

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