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False Positives: 76.9.23.x & 68.169.83.x Entire Ranges


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It appears that the entire ranges 76.9.23.x & 68.169.83.x are blocked which include about 20 of our sites. We would like to know how we can get white listed. We do not run any malicious sites.

Here are some of our IPs

Please Advise

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Unless I'm missing something, there are no legit sites on these ranges, and never have been.

As an aside, I checked a few of the sites on a few of the IP's you listed, and one of them appears to be nothing more than an advert for a phishing scam run by amateurmatch.com, whose site states (quietly obviously, don't want their members seeing it (and you and I, and they, all know - most people don't read the T's & C's, let alone hidden "disclaimers"));

Online CupidTM Communications: You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious, and are associated with to our "Online CupidsTM", ("OC")

... with the others I checked, being of the same type, with the same intentions, but for other sites.


Phishing however, is not why these are blocked. The ranges were blocked due to malicious content (specifically, sites loaded by malware and other malicious sites) and blackhat SEO, amongst other things. Annoyingly, the malware doesn't appear to exist anymore (though the blackhat SEO certainly does), so these will be unblocked as of the next update.

If I'm mistaken, and I doubt I am (looking over your sites shows they are nothing more than fake "reviews" (to put it politely) with the sole intent of affiliate marketing using blackhat (i.e. misleading) techniques), about your sites, then I'd recommend moving your sites to a different host.

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for getting back to me. We just run a network of review sites for affiliate marketing. I can assure you there is nothing fake about the reviews. They are just standard reviews about what the site has w/ site details etc. As for the Host, is IsPrime listed as a bad host ?

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