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Suggestion for non-MBAM researchers

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I seen that most malwares and samples are just available to experts at this forum, also there's no research area for other members .

probably other members want to share his/her information about analysing malwares, reporting badwares and such a like things .

if site owners can open up such a section for other members it's valuable , it's good to have malware samples but also for other members .

maybe some new users can better analys malwares than expert members here, then it's not fair to malwares be open just for members .

I have been registered here for almost 1 week, but I'm too limited, I can't download any sample malware , post a new topic for report a specimen and etc .

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  • Root Admin

You can post a new topic to report a specimen in the Research Center. Once we have seen that you are an active contributor, we unlock all of the samples for you to download. It is a way to encourage users to participate. We also do not want less experienced users thinking the files are our programs and trying to run them, otherwise they will get infected! No matter how big of a warning we put up, people will attempt to download just about anything. Consistently post samples and you will see that the forum opens up to you.


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That is all quite true - It is not safe for any person to have access to have any unknown open infections -

As a member for some time now I clicked on the wrong section (by error) and wound up being infected with an item unknown to me -

This was only a month or so back - Now I have discovered that even long time members need to be careful where they tread -

It took AdvancedSetup some time to check my system and remove the problem fully -

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