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when trying to acces certain new links on toms hardware, MBAM reported that it successfully blocked a malicious ip address,

I blanked the addresses out below just in case, these are the direct sites to the new articles



additionally, after looking on the log file to obtain the ip address i noticed that it had disabled for a second and turned itself back on... will this be ok? considering that MBAM has been attempting to block this specific ip?

"18:27:17 Rob IP-BLOCK

18:27:17 Rob IP-BLOCK

18:28:36 Rob MESSAGE IP Protection stopped

18:28:37 Rob MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully

18:30:29 Rob IP-BLOCK"

Thanks rob

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I'm unable to reproduce this here? (site loads just fine).

The IP belongs to leaseweb, and I'm still working with them to cleanup their range.

yeah, the site loaded fine for me too, however there was an ip address being blocked... i thought maybe it might be to do with adverts on the page or something and being as it is a reputable site that it may be a false positive. from looking at other posts though i realise that it is not the website but the domain or whatever it is, however i have never had the ip balloon pop for toms hardware before so just thought i would bring it to your attention, again i know that MBAM updates are frequent so maybe it has already been ironed out, unfortunately i didn't make a note of the database definition.

thanks rob

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