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BSOD After Running Malwarebytes

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I've recently been hit by that weird XP Security Center Trojan, so I looked online to see how to clear it up, and I found a lot of references to Malwarebytes. I got it and ran it, and it found a lot of problems, so I cleared them, and then rebooted as directed by the software. When I rebooted, I got the BSOD (Page Fault in Non Paged area). I was able to restart in safe mode and rerun Malwarebytes, but it couldn't find anything. I ran another program in safe mode, and it found a few things, and after clearing, I was able to get back to the normal Windows screen. However, this morning, the XP Security Center thing popped up again (note that I'm supposed to be fully protected by McAfee), and I update Malwarebytes, and reran. It found several issues, fixed them, and prompted me to reboot. Again, on the reboot, I got the BSOD, except this time I can't even get in from safe mode (I get a different BSOD), so I'm dead in the water. I have no idea what to do now. I really appreciate the work you do on Malwarebytes, but it seems to do something that triggers the BSOD on my machine. Any ideas what to try, or should I just scrap the whole thing?



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