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Am I bad at coding?


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By the way, the new site looks awesome, the new program looks sweet.

I'm going to ditch MSE and Avast! I think and use Malwarebytes' full version if I can get some moneys :)

Anywho, I don't mind that Malwarebytes' Anti Malware finds false positives, and I expect it a lot since I have a lot of programs I make that end up getting detected.

broken_2d_dynamic_array.exe was the only thing found on the quick scan, but I know it's not malware because it's something I made as a test, I believe because some arrays weren't working in a program and I was just practicing something.

I've attached the source code for you to laugh at, not edited although embarrassing :)


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Hi pifreak,

I hope you aren't using avast and mse on the same computer. Running more then 1 can cause problems. Also note that malwarebytes' IS NOT an anti-virus. You still need one such as avast or mse. So please keep one (preferably MSE)and make sure to exclude malwarebytes' accordingly. I would hate for you to end up in the malware removal section, so keep those in mind. :)

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I really hope you're NOT running avast!5 and MSE at the same time. It's a damn bad idea.

(Tried myself, ended up with a freezing-every-second computer and a broken Windows Defender.)

As for Buttons' advice, I'd keep MSE only if you're sure you won't need avast!'s Web Shield, Network Shield or E-mail Shield. (I don't trust MSE for these aspects of my computer :))

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the attachment failed? :/

Oh, I ditched Avast! because MaximumPC didn't rate it very well and because it kept deleting some file I was using to test network code (smsniff by NirSoft)

Sorry about the file thing. I think it uploaded this time. I put the .cpp and .exe in a zip.


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Sorry for double post, but I'm running the scan with the /developer parameter to get the log file for you

Sorry for doing it wrong, fatdcuk, and thanks for everything you do for us Malwarebytes users :'D

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Thanks for fixing it, updated and scanned, not detected.

I'll get the "mbam.exe /developer" log file next time before making a topic, sorry.

You guys and/or gals are great.



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