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Confused about RegTool (regtool.com)

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I have a customer's PC who has the regtool.com program loaded... and searching Google just came up with a bunch of sites promoting it, and 1 or 2 that say it is malicious.

So, I searched here. I have found posts saying it is detected and removed by MBAM, and others saying it isn't because it is more of a 'snake oil' product...Well it isn't detected by the latest updates, so I don't know what the truth of the matter is :x

It did update Adobe, Java, and other programs that were out of date, which I find useful since it is usually the older versions of software that gets exploited the most. It said it found and removed quite a few other "problems". As far as system performance? No change. (Not surprised either, as I have never seen a registry tool make Windows run better, ever... unless it was trying to load bad drivers or something).

Since it isn't being detected, I assume MBAM considers it to be non-malicious? (Other than being a 'snake oil' product). And since it appears the customer may have paid for it, is there really any harm in leaving it?


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If you have updated with the latest version of MBAM and it doesn't detect it, it is probably in the grayware zone.

So it is not a real rogueware/malicious program, but it is best to not use it either.

WOT rating: http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/www.regtool.com

F-Secure rating: http://browsingprotection.f-secure.com/swp...lVWu*LOJrAJnCwg

Imho, I wouldn't use it either, but it is up to the customer (since he paid) whether he wants to leave it on his computer or not.

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