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Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.45 released

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Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.45 has been released!

This release represents a major update to the Malwarebytes software: the change log may be found here.

The new version is available here.

The Malwarebytes team would like to thank all participants in the 1.45 beta project. We are very excited about the result. :)

I'm running Win 2000 and since the update, I get a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error that says "abnormal program termination".

Is there any fix or am I out because of Win 2000?

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So how do I UPDATE when I get the error of: MBAM_ERROR_UPDATING(404,0,HTTPStatusCode)

Neo35- we had a small glitch earlier today, lasting for only a few minutes, with our updating system. I'm sorry for the unfortunate timing of it- if you run an update through now you should be fine.

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I set the program for realtime updates repeating every 5 minutes and added it to the scheduler, but the program never performed a realtime update, I had to manually update the database, or set the scheduler to perform an interval update, such as hourly.

I was able to resolve the issue for realtime update (there is no issue related to the program). Realtime update is performed by the MBAMService in Windows Services which is not active until the service is started. The service can be manually started or started at system reboot. By default the service is set to start Automatically (Delayed Start) once Windows loads at boot-up. Once the service is started MBAM will commence realtime update monitoring.

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