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Is UWC2002.exe in anyway associted with malwarebytes?

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What is UWC2002.exe? I found ths on my desk top

When I logged on as admin, I was doing some clean up and I notice the icon for this was sitting on my desktop. Was created about 2 years ago and seems to be from a company called Business Logic. Some sort of clean and optimize software. is this part of microsoft functions? I did not see it in program files or anywhere else except

C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming and C:\Users\ADMIN\AppData\Roaming

I tried to reasearch it on google but i find nothing on the actual exe file.

Wondering if business logic was an associate of Malwarebytes at one time?

I deleted the desktop icon and and the two othe entries I noted above. I did not see anything in task manager on this.

Any help on

1. What is it?

2. Is it safe?

3. Is it ok That I deleted it?

will be appreciated

PS I know this is not the place, but can it have something to do with SpyBot S&D? Seems like it might have been created around that same time

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I can't upload it to anywhere

Actually I had deleted it from the desktop and I had deleted the entries




When I google UWC.exe business logic

I get lots of log type posts that show on other people'sogs

C:\Users\Name\Application Data\Business


so it makes me wonder if it was some freebie thing associated with another product, that was just left on there?

My guess is that if UWC2002.exe (not to be confused with Ultimate Wall paer Chnager) was a baddie, there would be info all over the place. As I said it shows up in logs, but not as an issue in and of itself

I guess in retrospect I was wondering if i had done something wrong by deleting these and thena lso worried was I "malwared" al this time

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I would guess that UWC2002.exe is the executable file for Ultra WinCleaner 2002, from Business Logic Corp.

I wouldn't worry about the UWC2002.exe file that you deleted. You are probably better off without it. Ultra WinCleaner 2002 is just a basic 'system optimizer' program for deleting junk files, etc. There are free programs available now, such as CCleaner, which do exactly the same thing.

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Regarding Ultra WinCleaner or any others, for that matter.

Registry Cleaners & Tweak Tools

I don't personally recommend the use of ANY Registry Cleaners or "Tweak" Tools. They are marketed as ways to make your machine run faster and more efficiently ...... Some will actually achieve this .... IF you know how to use them correctly.

Removing "Orphaned/Old/Obsolete" registry entries is fine ..... as long as they actually are "Orphaned/Old/Obsolete", it won't speed up your machine though.

Stopping services & setting policies can speed up your machine ..... as long as you stop & set the right ones, & even then it's debatable if you will notice the improvement.

Remove the wrong registry entry, or stop the wrong service, & not only can you slow your machine .... you could kill it !

To use a Registry Cleaner or "Tweak" tool to its full advantage, you really need to know what it is they are doing & what else the changes may affect.

In short, if you know how to use them safely ----- you don't actually need them.

Discussion on reg cleaners >> http://forums.whatthetech.com/Regcleaner_t42862.html

And for more good information see what Miekiemoes has to say >> http://miekiemoes.blogspot.com/2008/02/reg...weaking_13.html

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Is Ultra WinCleaner 2002 a virues/malware? You know like those phoney or semi-legit products?

It doesn't tick anyware near enough boxes to the classified as actual 'malware'. But, as melboy has explained above, it could possibly damage your computer if you used the Registry Cleaner part of it. If you just want to clean up junk files etc, you can use the free CCleaner program. CCleaner also contains a Registry Cleaner. But if you just use CCleaner to clean up junk files, and don't use the Registry Cleaner part of it, CCleaner is not a bad little program - and its free.

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actually, I do not recall us using it much, maybe bacjk in 2008. So I guess no harm no foul?

and actually, if I recall correctly, it may not have worked correctly anyway. I do notice in my Vista "problem" log, that i see several instances back in 2008, maybe 0ne Jan 2009, where teh program didi not ru properly and shut down and an error report was sent.

So anyway, I deleted the UWC2002.exe and the two entries




so all should be cool I would think? As long as it is not a known malware creator

like I said I think a friend had it on a disc along with SPYBOT S&D that she got from the HighSchool IT staff

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