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on demand scanners

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All 3 that I mentioned are precisely what you want, none have active protection :). Unfortunately, they all must be updated manually (CureIt! and AVPTool must be downloaded each time you use them if you want them updated and Sysclean will need to be updated manually by visiting Trend Micro's website to download the definitions files in zipped form and you'll need to extract them to the folder that you have Sysclean in).

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The free demo is for corporate customers and technicians, if you notice on the left it says "Free download for home PCs", meaning home users need not pay for it as it is a free service for them. Out of the 3, AVPTool and CureIt! will be the easiest to use. Just remember, with both CureIt! and AVPTool you'll need to remove your existing copy and download a new copy to scan with each time you want to update it because the virus definitions are built in and cannot be downloaded separately.

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The above are all excellent on-demand scanners. But, if I am in a hurry, I sometimes use another on-demand scanner called 'Hitman Pro' for a preliminary scan. The Hitman Pro scan is not as thorough as a full computer scan, but it is very quick. It only takes about ten minutes.

But Hitman Pro is known for throwing up some false positives, so you have to be careful how you interpret it's scan results.

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